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Hey, i'm Jolie. I like k-pop and Japanese stuff.
I love JongKey <3<3
and I speak Spanish.

If you want to be my friend i it's okay, talk to me, i'm bored anyways... ^^!/jOlieQuepi


Hola! soy Jolie, me gusta el k-pop y las cosas japonesas
amo Jongkey
y hablo español--

Si quieres ser mi amig@ esta bien, hablame, estoy aburrida de todas formas....^^

UGH no es estipido como esta presentacion suena idiota en español y en ingles suena bien?

me siento como una ridicula cuando lo escribo en español XD ... 


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OMG POLINIA! how did you learn Spanish? :D! it surprised me to find people from other countries who are interested in learn my idiom, because everybody just learn English or in our case Korean or Japanese :P

Well, I'm learning it since my middle-school where I had 6 hours per week, and now I'm in high school, 2nd grade and I'm still learning it- 3 hours of Spanish, 2 of Spanish history, 3 of Spanish literature and 1 of Spanish geography *todo en espanol con los espanoles*. In the 1st grade we also had 1 hour of Spanish art. So. That's how XD'' There are some secciones bilingues in my country, about 8 middle-schools with Spanish and some high schools as well.
*I just realised I've been learning Spanish for 5 years so far o_______O time flies~~*
Well, English is learnt by everyone XD And I also learn Japanese and Korean and French and just a tiny bit of Chinese and Thai *and I wanna learn Filipino and Finnish too T___T*, I'm just absolutely obsessed with foreign languages XDD
Where are you from then? :D

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