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don't want to sound pathetic but...

I don't usually do this... sure I've seen girls posting about their lives on their journals even tho' their journals are about fandoms and fics, as well is mine lol I don't post much but I only have this LiveJournal account to read and write fics. Nothing else.

Anyways this kind of has to do with my hiatus , reading and writing... The thing is I suck and that get's me sad okay? I've read all this awesome, original, well-written fics , and the only thing I can think of is "Why can I be this good? ;_;" okay this might sound stupid to you (if there is actually someone reading this) but well .. that's just me, always with low self-esteem and what not.. the truth is that my fic sucks (AND NO, I'M NOT SAYING THIS CAUSE I WANT SOMEONE TO TELL ME THE OPPOSITE)   and I can't even read fics now cause it gets me even sadder nhdbialdjñkl

I know this is so stupid, but I'm getting myself together , I will update my fic soon 

lol as if some actually cares

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funny because thats how i feel when i read your fics :/

this comment actually encouraged me to write the new chapter. I guess we all just feel this way sometimes... although I don't think I'm better than you lol.

Thank you sweetie! thank you so much ;_;

That someone is probably me but I can only communicate with her through here and ik only her will be reading what I post and regarding your fics don't give up I'm sure with time you'll get better jolie disculpame por no haber terminado tu fic nena :(

you are one of them, but is not really you the only one who posts about feelings in here, don't worry it doesn't bothers me bby. and You gotta do what you gotta do to communicate right now!

No te preocupes por mi fic, porsupuesto no es lo mismo sin ti, pero ya tu me ayudaste mucho, eso no era tu obligacion. Gracias por todo nathalia, espero que tu situacion mejore

Well, hello, I DO CARE.

Now I feel like shit for not commenting yet >_______< pero es que mi vida es algo complicada rn y por eso me olvido de muchas cosas but I'll try to comment asap!

Now, moving on... oh man. Do you know how many times I get the exact same feeling? Of being just some gray, common, not original, unworthy amateur? Pretty often.
And I even thought of dropping the fandom because I just couldn't care anymore. I was like 'bueh, I'm losing the readers and there are so many popular, original fics, so what's the point of writing anyways?'
My writer idol, Anne Rice, said once that we shouldn't copy someone's style/words/ideas and try to be like them. And that we should tell our own stories, with our own words and feelings, because the world wants to hear US, and not the copy of someone else.
I know what you wrote has nothing to do with copying, but let me ge to my point- each of us has at least one story to tell and it's important to share with it, because there will always be someone willing to listen to the story. There's no point in giving up, in thinking 'I suck', NO. You need to think that you ARE unique, we all are, and that writing should be something you do for pleasure, to kill boredom, to share with other fans. Don't let your insecurities block you!!

On the side note: idk if you want to know, but, well... he empezado el sequel de 'Each Beat...'...


Oh my Gooodd...
omG i'm so late reading this... and to think that u don't know how many people that actually waiting for the continuation of ur story... ;;AAA;; i can cry a river now.. please come back and continue.. we are so lost without you, especially ur 'Step Brother'.. T_________T T________T T________T

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