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jedjkv;hljhlr;kd I ca't even think!! I'm shaking I can't believe I'm going to see them all LIVEEEEE!!!

My ticket is really far fromt eh stage but I don't care, I feel lucky cuz I'm going !!!

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sooorryyyy!!! I've been in NYC this past 2 months! and the computer in the house I'm staying is mad slow!! UGH so I haven't be able to read any fics or posting ;_;

I didn't want to make it a Hiatus but at the end I could say it is one UGH >.< I deleted the links, but I'm gonna post the link to the last chapter in a moment!

THANK U FOR CARING, you don;'t now ospeci1 it makes me feel ;_; <3<3<3 you're so lovely!1 FOR REAL

Wah really? o.o What have you been doing there? Gosh, I bet you had a good time, right? *________*

Gooooosh T_T but it's ok, now with your link I could re-read some of my favorite parts again ;3 and I hope you'll post soon T.T

DE NADA, LINDA :D I just totally miss you > < and I hope you can be online more often ;-(
Lol and I even left you a spot in the last chappie of 'Each Beat' and when you didn't comment on it I was like 'damnnnnn so she disliked it that much' XDDDDD

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